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What Is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is the use of three-dimensional software to make a model of an object, and finally a real three-dimensional object or scene is simulated in the computer. The key steps to realize 3D printing technology, whether in cultural creativity, animation film, medical industry, construction industry, industrial manufacturing, food industry, etc., if you want to print something, you must perform 3D modeling before you can use a 3D printer to build a building. The mold data is printed and formed. Any 3D design software can be used to design a 3D model. As long as it is modeled with software with suitable 3D printing technology characteristics, it can be output or converted into STL format software to achieve the best results.

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China Top Online 3D Modeling Service

Now, three-dimensional models have been used in various fields. In the medical industry, we use them to make accurate models of organs; the film industry uses them for active characters and objects; the video game industry uses them as resources in computers and video games; in the scientific field, they use them as accurate models of compounds; The construction industry uses them to display proposed buildings or landscape expressions; the engineering industry uses them to design new equipment, vehicles, structures, prototypes…

Three-dimensional modeling is different from the traditional drawing of two-dimensional drawings. When we have a design idea, we need to use professional modeling software to draw the three-dimensional model. After such a model is completed, it can be directly transferred to the 3D printing equipment for physical manufacturing. It can also be used in virtual three-dimensional display and video production.

Due to the technological limitations of 3D printing, not all 3D models can be directly used for 3D printing. We need to consider the specific size, wall thickness, sealing, detail requirements, etc., and we will use professional technology according to your actual needs. The personnel and you will conduct one-to-one technical docking, and then do the data correction and post-production of the model after approval. has a professional 3D modeling team, providing one-to-one VIP designer docking, whether you have an idea or a manuscript or drawing, we can help you realize your idea, 3D printing modeling, We are professional.

China Top Online 3D Modeling Service
The Method Of Custom 3D Modeling

The Method Of Custom 3D Modeling

  •  – Manual software to build 3D models: This method requires operators to have rich professional knowledge and be able to use 3D modeling software proficiently. The use of software for manual modeling is mainly suitable for some relatively standard geometric structures, conventional parts, or cultural and creative products with low requirements for fineness.
  •  – Three-dimensional scanner builds a 3D model: According to the actual needs of the model and the environmental conditions of the site, select the appropriate three-dimensional scanning equipment to scan the product to obtain three-dimensional data, surface texture, and color information. Then cooperate with professional software to convert and output the file format of the final demand.
  •  – 3D model construction based on images: This method only needs to provide a set of sequence photos of the object at different angles, and the 3D model of the object can be automatically generated with the aid of the computer. This method is simple to operate, high in automation, and low in cost, but the structure of the model is less refined, and is generally suitable for simple three-dimensional display.

3D Modeling Application Direction

  •  – Creative design of three-dimensional products
  •  – Convert 2D data to 3D data
  •  – Used for 3D printing after modeling
  •  – Making three-dimensional display content
  •  – Damaged 3D data repair
  •  – Character and scene creation in the field of animation

3D modeling software functions and applications

3D modeling software is divided into two main types:

  •  – One is for artistic creation and design, such as decorative artwork, movie special effects prototypes, animation figures, doll characters, cultural creativity;
  •  – The other is industrial product design.

Of course, there is also a 3D modeling software with special value, Rhion, which is not only used for industrial design and mechanical design such as CAD, CAM, but also can create excellent 3D models for cartoon design, movie special effects, and three-dimensional animation production.

Art And Design 3D Modeling Software

It can finely outline by adjusting points, lines, surfaces, etc., and complete the design more closely, that is, design complex process structure graphics. The object can be displayed perfectly, and the transition is very smooth. Art design software mainly includes: MAYA film animation production, 3Dmax architectural animation, TV, entertainment industry, Modo is a comprehensive 3D software with many advanced technology 3D modeling, Zbush’s advantage and feature is brush carving modeling , The function of fine carving and polishing of characters is powerful.

3D Modeling Software For Industrial Product Design.

Well-known ones are: Sketchup, Solidworks, PROE, UG, which analyze and model objects through parameterization, and directly generate 3D models through parameter design.

  •  – Blender is an open source free 3D drawing software with powerful functions and cross-platform support for all major operating systems. Provides a comprehensive 3D creation tool; cross-platform support; high-quality 3D architecture brings a fast and efficient creation process;
  •  – Sketchup is a free interactive 3D model program of Google, which is not only suitable for advanced users, but also suitable for beginners. Compared with the CAD program, it is more intuitive and simple, and beginners can choose Sketchup.
  •  – SolidWorks is powerful, easy to learn and easy to use, and technological innovation is the three main characteristics of Solidworks. SolidWorks provides a complete set of dynamic interface and mouse drag control, which reduces redundant dialog boxes and avoids interface clutter; SolidWorks administrator attributes are used to efficiently manage the entire design process and steps, and administrator attributes include all designs Data and parameters, easy to operate, intuitive interface; SolidWorks resource manager can easily manage CAD files, feature templates for standard parts and standard features, providing a good environment; AutoCAD simulator provided by SolidWorks, so that AutoCAD users can maintain The original drawing habits smoothly shifted from two-dimensional design to three-dimensional solid design.
  •  – UG and PROE UG are high-end CAD/CAE/CAM software for the manufacturing industry. Used to engage in industrial design, detailed mechanical design, and engineering manufacturing. PROE is slightly weaker than UG. PROE can do it, but UG can definitely do it. It is good to use UG for precise surface.

Attention issues Of 3D modeling

Due to the constraints of computer performance, the more complex the model built, the more faces it has, the more difficult it is to achieve real-time effects when drawing. If the real-time performance is too poor, it will be unacceptable to the observer. In the process of modeling, in addition to selecting modeling software, computer performance and visual perception of generated objects must also be considered. The main issues to pay attention to are:

  •  – Determine the data and its related process;
  •  – Safety inspection and backup;
  •  – Choose data storage technology.

In short, the more alive and the more complex and streamlined objects are, they must be modeled with design-type 3D software. Beginners choose 3DMAX and MAYA. When designing assembled objects or accurately making objects, engineering 3D software should be used. Case Studies

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