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3D Printing In Art Design Field

The sculpture created by 3D printing is a new art form that relies on the presentation and dissemination of a new technological system. With digital technology as the core foundation, it brings more possibilities for artistic creation. In the virtual space, the artist can shape any real or virtual object, something created entirely based on his own imagination, using push, pull, pinch techniques or various material tool software to easily imitate real life Texture and styling details.

In the creation of traditional sculpture works, most artists will express their inspiration in multiple "small drafts". After experimenting with various schemes, they will be shaped in proportion. This process is relatively cumbersome and time-consuming.

Compared with traditional sculptures, the advantage of 3D printing is that you can use the quick reproduction function of 3D printing technology to obtain detailed shapes, and produce different "small drafts" in a short time, which is convenient for modification at any time. In addition, it can also rotate, zoom in, and zoom out at multiple angles for easy selection and consideration.

Different materials will bring different visual effects. It is not only a vehicle for expressing emotions, but also a medium for conveying ideas. The working principle is basically similar to that of ordinary printers, except that the printing materials are slightly different.

3D printing is an additive technology. The thermoplastic filament material is heated and extruded from the small hole by the melt accumulation method, and the filament is melted and stacked. There are various different materials inside, and you can directly choose creative materials such as resin, plastic, and metal.

The development of 3D printing technology has promoted the renewal of sculpture materials, and the proper use of materials will highlight the expressiveness of the work.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to use 3D printing technology to replace traditional craftsmanship, and it has even been applied to the field of cultural relic protection and restoration. Through data collection and data processing, cultural relic models are established. With 3D printing, those complex and labor-consuming tasks can be performed in several Completed within hours, greatly reducing labor costs.

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Why Choose Art Design 3DP Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in Art Design 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

The Application Of 3D Digital Technology In Art Design Field

Three-dimensional software can facilitate the teaching and production of sculptures. The combination of three-dimensional software, three-dimensional scanning and 3D printing can also expand the language of sculpture art. The application of 3D digital technology has been quite extensive. In the application of sculpture art, many sculptors have realized its advantages and value, and use these modern technologies to create sculpture art or assist their own sculpture art creation. And many artists use this new technology in different ways. Some are 3D scanning of existing sculptures and then 3D printing, some are 3D scanning of existing sculptures and then editing and then 3D printing, and some are on a computer Modeling, editing and then 3D printing. Some artists replaced materials and improved their machines to create their own artistic creations. Others used new technologies and traditional methods to create creations. These attempts also expanded the language of sculpture and They are at the forefront of the combination of sculpture and 3D digital technology.

3D Software And Sculpture

3D Software And Sculpture

Three-dimensional software is very helpful to the study and production of sculptures. Not only that, by using 3D printing technology at the same time, we can turn the virtual 3D model made by 3D modeling on the computer into a real object. The mainstream 3D software includes: 3ds max, Maya, Poser, Rhino, Light Wave3D, Xara3D, Archi CAD, Zbrush, Sketchup, etc.

3D Scanning Sculpture

We can easily accurately 3D scan existing objects into three-dimensional data, and use three-dimensional software to edit them in the computer (virtual carving and modeling in the computer) to get the three-dimensional data model we want.

3D Scanning Sculpture

3D Printing Sculptures And Models

3D printing technology has provided great convenience for his sculpture process, and the creation method has also undergone great changes. Copying classic sculptures assists the production of large-scale sculptures. He first produced the sculpture sketch, then used 3D scanning to convert the sketch into 3D model data, and then edited the 3D model data in the computer, divided it into multiple parts of printable size, and then printed each part and assembled it. In this way, the sculptural preform came out, and the overall image was quite accurate. The next step was his previous steps, sticking mud on the preform and finely portraying it, then turning the mold, casting copper, assembling, and painting to complete it. . In the whole process, 3D printing saves the time of making the first blank, also saves manpower, and improves the accuracy of the large shape. It provides a lot of convenience for the large-scale sculpture and the artistic casting of large-scale sculpture 3D digital lofting.

The Advantages Of 3D Printing Art Sculpture

3D printing technology can provide a lot of convenience in the production of sculptures, and it has several advantages over traditional sculptures.

  •  – It can be quickly formed;
  •  – The use of machine printing saves manpower and does not require manual reproduction;
  •  – More environmentally friendly, mostly using non-toxic, organic, low-carbon, green and recyclable materials;
  •  – Save materials, use the superposition method for production, and reduce waste;
  •  – Less pollution, and will not generate a lot of dust or sculpture garbage like traditional sculptures;
  •  – The size is more accurate, can be printed according to the required size, and its printing accuracy can be calculated in microns;
  •  – The process is more simplified, only need computer modeling, or scan an existing object to print unlimitedly, and then print it out and assemble it.
3d printing terracotta warriors
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