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3D Printing In Culture Field

Culture and science and technology complement each other and promote each other. Advanced cultural concepts are the source of ideas for technological innovation, and technological innovation is a powerful lever to promote the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry and achieve high-quality development. Three-dimensional digitization and 3D printing technology have brought new vitality and vitality to the cultural industry, whether it is the digital archiving and restoration of cultural relics, or virtual display and derivative development, whether it is the digital design of sculptures, scaling, or the improvement of the casting process , Upgrades, three-dimensional digitization and 3D printing technology are everywhere.

As a leading china culture products 3d printing company, metal and plastic 3d printing are the specialty of We excel in manufacturing high precision, high production custom culture products and products to meet ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our 3D Printing services include SLS, SLA, FDM, DLP and more. We 3D Printing a wide assortment of materials serving a variety of industries all from our plant located in Dongguan, China.

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Why Choose Culture 3DP Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in culture 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

The Project Solved For Culture Manufacturing

The Significance Of 3D Printing Applied To Cultural And Creative Industries

The significance of 3D printing applied to cultural and creative industries has three aspects.

  • 1. This technology can create a true, accurate and complete three-dimensional digital file for unique cultural relics and artworks. With 3D printing technology, this digital model can be reproduced as a real object anytime, anywhere and with high fidelity.
  • 2.3 The base of D printing can replace the traditional manual molding process, and it has brought great improvement and improvement in the fineness of the work and the manufacturing efficiency. For the works with physical samples, the editing, enlargement, reduction, original copying, etc. are all It can realize small batch production more directly, accurately, and efficiently, and promote cultural dissemination and exchange.
  • 3. This technology brings a lot of opportunities for cross-border integration and creation, especially for artists in the art field, a broader creative space, in the reproduction, restoration, and derivative development of cultural relics and high-end artworks The role is very obvious.
3DP And Personalized Customization

3DP And Personalized Customization

In today’s pursuit of personalization, people want their own things to be different and unique from others. However, due to the use of traditional manufacturing methods, most products can only be manufactured in large quantities to adapt to the price market. It is impossible to make every product different unless it is a high-end private customized product.

3D printing can easily achieve personalized customization.

On the one hand, 3D printing gives ordinary people the ability to manufacture, releases the creative impulse of individual users, changes the privileges of only a few people in the past inventing and creating, and realizes the individualized design thinking and expression needs of ordinary people, and truly achieves the whole people Creativity and national creation will promote the creative design expression of cultural and creative products to show more diversified, popular, and liberal characteristics.

On the other hand, with the popularization of the Internet today, ordinary people can download the latest design works of designers through various network database model websites, and then perform 3D printing production. Both the time cost and the money cost are less than that of traditional manufacturing. few. Culture Case Studies

Art gives people unlimited space for imagination, and artistic conception comes from life. A work of art with a soul is the designer’s understanding and precipitation of life. Artistic creation is the ability to restore artistic ideas. In an age that has not yet been widely used, the ultimate curvilinear artistic structure cannot be produced by traditional crafts. Traditional manual crafts rely on the master’s ability to analyze a work to restore the work. Design soul, long production time and low repairability.

With the advent of 3D printing and its widespread use, a large number of outstanding designers have accurately and vividly restored each piece of highly artistic design works to the audience’s sight.

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