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3D Printing In Consumer Field

In addition to the basic requirements for consumer products such as price and performance, the market also puts forward requirements for product appearance and personalized design. This requires manufacturers to focus on product iteration speed and novel design. 3D printing has enabled the development of the consumer goods industry to have the ability to diversify, personalize, and speed, giving consumer products a new look and new vitality; the application of 3D printing technology is undoubtedly a magic weapon for consumer goods manufacturers, which can help manufacturers in While satisfying customer's personalized customization, it can reduce development cycle, reduce development cost, and improve product performance., as a manufacturer engaged in 3D Printing for many years, is one the China’s largest manufacturers of 3d printing consumer parts for daily consumer goods and consumer devices. With extraordinary technology and advanced equipment, we have become the leader of 3d printing for consumer products. We provide customized consumer prototyping process and various performance-critical consumer component manufacturing services. In order to meet the high-volume and high-precision development needs of consumer equipment, high-speed, high-precision, intelligent, composite, and environmental protection have been the main development directions of our consumer 3d printing prototype. We always deliver high quality, precision 3d printing consumer products on time and at affordable rates.

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Why Choose Consumer 3DP Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in consumer 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

The Project Solved For Consumer Manufacturing

Personalized Customization

From personalized earphones to customized shoes, customized products for personal preferences and characteristics are still one of the main advantages of consumer product 3D printing, especially in today’s post-90s and 00 consumer groups. For traditional manufacturing, producing customized products for specific applications requires a lot of manpower, design, and production costs. However, 3D printing can design and produce customized products faster and more economically, because it is not limited by expensive processing costs.
Not only that, but the production of auxiliary equipment and injection molds for manufacturing can also benefit from 3D printing. For example, 3D printing along the waterway helps companies shorten the molding cycle and increase production capacity. Therefore, 3D printing can change the way consumer products are produced and has a comparative advantage in small-batch custom production.

Design Freedom

3D printing has greater design freedom, providing product development engineers with huge imagination and design space.
Although no matter how complex the product you are designing, powerful 3D design software can turn what you want into design documents, but the complex mechanism will bring huge difficulties to traditional production methods, and at the same time, the cost will also prohibit you.
3D printing can not only realize “design as you want”, but also realize “unfettered manufacturing”.

Time And Material Cost

3D printing belongs to intelligent manufacturing, so the prototype production time is much shorter than that of traditional manufacturing technology. In addition, in order to meet the different needs of consumer products, 3D printing processes of different processes and materials can also be used for design verification, so as to create a functional prototype with the appearance of the final product and shorten the time to market. At the same time, compared with traditional subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing can reduce material waste, thereby making the manufacturing process more sustainable.
In a shoe produced by Nike, due to the use of 3D printing, compared with traditional cutting and sewing methods, it reduces material waste by up to 60%. Consumer Case Studies

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PTJ offers online 3D printing services for rapid prototyping and production of non-metal and metal 3D printed parts at affordable prices.

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