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3D Printing In Construction Field

With the improvement of 3D printing technology, more and more objects can be completed by 3D printing. As of January 2013, these 3D printed products are small objects. However, the potential of 3D printing is far more than just producing DIY household items. In fact, this technology can even completely subvert the traditional construction industry.

3D printing technology appeared in the mid-1990s and is actually a technology that uses light curing and paper lamination to achieve rapid prototyping. Its working principle is basically the same as that of ordinary printers. The printer is equipped with adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic. After it is connected to the computer, the blueprint on the computer is finally turned into a real object through a multi-layer printing method.

Large items such as bicycle frames, car steering wheels, and even aircraft parts require larger printers and more storage space. This technology is now used in many fields, and people use it to make clothing, Construction, automobiles, and so on. is a leading 3D printing company and supplier of additive manufacturing components for Construction model industry, with extensive experiences and rich expertise in rapid prototyping, we are dedicated to become a reliable and valuable partner for construction products 3D printing. Our construction 3D printing parts will conform to the strict standard of the industry. Ultra-precision, high accuracy and tight tolerance will be confirmed to be consistence with your construction products requirements. Welcome to contact us through enquiry directly or send us your drawings and designs for custom 3D printing service.

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Why Choose PTJ Construction 3D Printing Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in construction 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

The Application Of 3D Printing Technology In The Construction Industry

Compared with traditional buildings, 3D printing construction technology has advantages not only in its speed-it can be several to several tens of times faster than traditional construction technology; it does not require the use of templates, which can greatly save costs, and it is low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly. specialty;

It does not require a large number of construction workers, which greatly improves production efficiency; it can easily print out high-cost curved buildings that are difficult to build in other ways; it can print out higher strength and lighter concrete buildings;

It may also change the development direction of the construction industry and adopt more prefabricated buildings.

Whether architects, engineers or builders use 3D printers to assist them in the entire process from conceptual design to construction.

Whether it is a physical model printed directly from CAD or BIM data, to the iterative production of specific parts in design research, 3D printers are the fastest and most cost-effective way to produce pure white and high-definition color complex geometric models.

  • • Physical models during concept development
  • • 3D printed models directly from CAD and BIM data
  • • Models can be produced quickly and inexpensively
  • • Design and research of key components
  • • Manufacturing complex surfaces and geometric shapes
  • • Targeting high-resolution specific parts and surfaces Exchange of opinions on decorative effects
  • • High-resolution color display model
  • • Combine the model with other elements to achieve the desired effect
  • • Make multiple copies easily, quickly and cheaply
The Application Of 3D Printing Technology In The Construction Industry
The Application Of 3D Scanning Technology In The Construction Field

The Application Of 3D Scanning Technology In The Construction Field

The 3D scanner makes 3D measurement technology widely used in research and education, and opens the door to innovation.

So far, it is mainly used in the construction field:

  • • 3D optical measurement teaching and training tools (design, analysis, testing and metrology applications)
  • • 3D scanning (color or non-color) for 3D art work
  • • Document post-processing, size scaling or rapid prototyping of artistic work
  • • 3D data archiving (virtual combination, etc.)
  • • Enlarge/reduce building model through 3D scanned data
  • • 3D data archiving of building models
  • • Renovate existing buildings according to their original appearance
  • • Building damage assessment

Construction Model 3D Printing Services & Additive Manufacturing Building Parts Manufacturer - Custom Architecture Model

The Architectural Sand Table Model expresses the architectural art in the form of miniature entities, faithfully expressing the structure of architectural ideas, and transforming the architect’s intention into a concrete image. 3D printing architectural models are fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and at the same time exquisitely produced, saving a lot of materials, which has been accepted by more and more people in the industry.

The architectural model is very important so that the client can visualize the full version of the proposed project. However, the process of making traditional building models is very laborious and labor-intensive. It is particularly difficult, time-consuming and expensive to accurately reproduce the reduced details. As a result, very important small details are often discarded, but the distinction between special design and the customer’s decision-making process will often cause a negative impact. High detail is very important to users. Keeping these details and losing these details is a world of difference for customers.

Using 3D rapid prototyping can reduce the manpower and time required, create detailed and accurate scale models, and effectively convey the unique concept of each design to the client. They are able to replicate fine-scale design elements very accurately in a short period of time, and the production cost is only a small part of the cost of the hand-built model. Made of sturdy and durable materials, the model can be as thin as 0.6mm and with intricate details, it is unexpectedly strong.

The Prepare Of Construction Model 3D Printing

The Prepare Of Construction Model 3D Printing

3D Printing Building Model Materials

The materials used for building model mainly include polylactic acid (PLA), ABS resin, light-curing photosensitive resin and thermoplastic (PA nylon powder), etc. The 3D printing technologies used are FDM fuse manufacturing technology, SLA Light curing rapid prototyping technology and SLS selective laser sintering technology.

There Are Three Main Categories Of Architectural Model 3D Modeling Software

  • ① Conventional animation production software Maya, 3DMax, Rhino;
  • ②Building Information Modeling (BIM) modeling software Revit, Archi CAD, Bentley;
  • ③Basic drawing software Auto CAD. There is also an open source 3D drawing software SketchUp which is also very suitable for architectural model design.

The 3D Data Requirements For 3D Printing Construction Models

In addition to meeting the requirements of 3D printing technology for closed entity documents. Also pay attention to the following adjustments of the model:

Before completing the modeling work and outputting the building model, it is necessary to perform detailed component size adjustment, model splitting and model assembly design on the model according to the performance of the 3D printer equipment and the selected printing materials to ensure that the final use requirements are realized. Due to different 3D printing molding technologies and 3D printing materials, there are minimum wall thickness requirements and later powder cleaning or support removal requirements. If the wall thickness is too small, the components are easily damaged during the powder cleaning process.

The development of 3D printing technology is very rapid. 3D printing architectural models are fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and beautifully produced, which has great advantages. Welcome to consult! Construction Case Studies

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