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3D printed prototype silica gel molds, realizing small batch production of industrial products

3D printing technology has unique advantages in industrial product design, product appearance design, and product function testing.

3D printing can not only make product models quickly, shorten the production cycle, and realize proofing, but also can realize small batch production of products through silica gel mold reversal.

1. 3D printing prototype production

Print products with SLA technology

Polish the product 3D printing product surface treatment

Second, make silicone mold

Make a mold frame, put in the prototype and inject the silicone parting

Cut the mold with a blade according to the pre-designed parting surface

Take out the prototype, the cavity is formed

3. Vacuum casting and small batch production

Fill the ingredients after opening the gate and exhaust port

Vacuum casting, take out parts

Partial treatment, surface polishing

Fourth, get the final batch product

The above is the rapid production of prototypes with the help of 3D printing technology, and the realization of small batch production by silicone compound molds, which can be trial and error through small batch production in advance.

To avoid the risk that the product does not meet the market after mold opening and injection molding, for many manufacturers, 3D printing silicone compound mold is a good choice for new products to market.

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