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3D Printing In Jewelry Field

In recent years, 3D printing technology has developed rapidly, and breakthroughs have been made in innovative applications in professional fields such as jewelry and accessories. The combination of 3D printing, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other technological means has become the personality of the jewelry and accessories industry. Digitalization, digitization, and intelligence have created favorable opportunities. With the development of 3D printing technology in the jewelry and accessories industry, the use of digital technology to shorten the production process, broaden the design inspiration, and make products present unprecedented artistic visual effects. 3D printing technology is gradually becoming the innovation engine of intelligent manufacturing in the jewelry and accessories industry.

Jewelry usually needs three key points in the development of the rapid prototype of the final product needed to match:

  •  – First of all, fine details are necessary to correctly portray the desired product due to the typical small size of jewelry products.
  •  – Secondly, the problem of prototyping with a smooth surface becomes crucial. The main reason for this is to appreciate the beautiful part, but it also requires post-processing (such as silicon molding, jewelry molds, processing using VLT rubber, and others).
  •  – Finally, tolerances are critical, when producing prototypes for the jewelry market as small parts require an almost perfect match to the product required by the CAD drawing. The thickness of the film layer of our molding technology is 16μ, its special smooth surface, and its printing accuracy provide a solid and attractive solution.

Jewelry And Accessories Industry is ever evolving, one thing hasn’t changed at all: The traditional jewelry manufacturing process needs to go through multiple processes such as plate lifting, mold pressing, waxing, and mold repair. 3D printing technology is different from traditional manufacturing methods. It is a continuation of the digital manufacturing of smart jewelry design. Traditional manufacturing belongs to “subtractive manufacturing”, while 3D printing technology is “additive manufacturing”, which uses metal or plastic and other related materials to compose objects by accurately adding materials layer by layer according to computer digital models.

So customized 3D printing services for jewelry and accessories is very important in the jewelry manufacturing field, also custom jewelry or accessories can make your products more competitive in the market.

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Why Choose PTJ Jewelry 3D Printing Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in Jewelry 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

3D Printing Technical Solutions In The Jewelry Industry

3D printing precious metals (SLM technology/SLS technology) technology is mainly used in aerospace, high-precision and cutting-edge manufacturing and other high value-added fields. Directly using expensive precious metal 3D printers to print jewelry is cost-effective and not suitable for mass production .

Therefore, the current jewelry industry mainly applies 3D printing wax mold technology, using lost wax casting technology, the process accuracy can reach micrometer level, through professional 3D design software system, online interactive system, material library, model library, display platform, etc. , Use the database resources in the system to independently select and design jewelry, quickly generate product elements, after the product order is generated, use a high-scoring 3D printer to print into a wax model, and then use the lost wax casting process for production, which can restore the design style in the smallest detail. , Respond quickly to market demand.

3D Printing Technical Solutions In The Jewelry Industry
The Advantages Of 3D Printing Jewelry

The Advantages Of 3D Printing Jewelry

  •  – Digital production is exquisite and accurate, which solves the production problems of complex structures. Compared with traditional manufacturing, complex structures cannot be completed by hand, and 3D printing technology can make up for this artificial “fault”. 3D printing technology uses computer technology to establish three-dimensional models, and import system digital production on demand and quantity. It can quickly produce high-precision and complex craft jewelry that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing, which is conducive to the development of advanced customization, seize the high-end market, and improve customer satisfaction.
  •  – Reduce labor and production costs. 3D printing omits prototyping, mold making and other related steps, greatly reducing the production period and material costs, and has the advantages of simple operation, rapid prototyping, high precision, saving materials, and reducing losses. At the same time, 3D scanning and CAD reverse design software are coordinated. The design efficiency is greatly improved, and it can also be iterated quickly to enhance product competitiveness.
  •  – Shorten the production cycle and quickly respond to the market. The traditional jewelry manufacturing industry is slow to respond to market changes. The supply chain usually takes 5 to 10 months to respond to market enthusiasm. Customized platform system orders, through the establishment of a three-dimensional model, real-time modification of data deviations, confirmation of rendering effects, using 3D printing technology to quickly produce and market, and truly achieve zero inventory sales.
  •  – Significantly improve the intelligent production level of the jewelry industry chain. 3D printing technology reduces the compression of the flattened links in jewelry design and production, and reduces the cost of jewelry design and production time at the same time. At the same time, VR technology allows consumers to better experience jewelry. Through AR hardware sensors and human-computer interaction technologies, Realize the confirmation of samples through virtual try-on and rapid mass production of 3D printing.

The Steps To 3D Printing Jewelry

As a new generation of design and production, 3d printing technology has brought extensive changes. Governments, scientific research institutes and companies around the world have vigorously promoted and developed 3d printing technology and its application in various industries. Especially in the jewelry industry, the use of wax spray 3D printing technology combined with paraffin wax casting technology has been widely used in complex and unique jewelry casting. However, the advantages of 3d printing technology with small forming limitations and high forming accuracy have not been fully utilized. The main reason is that the 3d printing technology is used to replace the traditional manual version, and the real reason is that the 3d printing technology has not been applied to the innovative design of jewelry with its advantages of small limitations and high forming accuracy.

In recent years, major breakthroughs have been made in digital manufacturing technology, and major breakthroughs have been made. Various markets have also emerged and gradually accepted 3d printing products. At the same time, the application of advanced 3D printing and digital technology has created unprecedented opportunities for Chinese jewelry. It follows that printing jewelry technology is divided into five steps:

The Steps To 3D Printing Jewelry Jewelry Case Studies

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