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What Is Portable 3D Scanning?

Portable scanners are usually handheld. You can choose a wired or unwired handheld scanner according to the scanning scene. According to the scanner accuracy and scanning mode, it is divided into consumer-grade handheld scanners and industrial-grade handheld scanners. However, since the industrial-grade handheld scanners of each brand manufacturer have their own product-specific models, usually The portable scanners mentioned are all considered consumer-grade handheld scanners.

The portable scanning speed is fast, the data is accurate, and it is equipped with texture information. It can work in some complex environments and small spaces. It can quickly capture the shape of an object with high resolution and truly restore the surface color of the object.

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The Application Of Portable 3D Scanning Service


Application in the film and television special effects makeup industry

Generally, we will carry out some makeup carvings on the reproduced model, after the material conversion, and then the actors put on the makeup, and finally the special effect makeup we see on the screen is presented.


3D scanning of artwork is popular in Europe and America

The students of Cambridge University's School of Classical Literature are busy with a very interesting activity. They scanned the sculptures collected by the school in three dimensions and made the data available to the public.

Accurate inspection of body sheet metal parts in 10 minutes

Accurate inspection of body sheet metal parts in 10 minutes

The global laser 3D scanner AXE detects automobile body sheet metal parts, doubles the scan area, reduces the mark points by half, greatly improves work efficiency, and accurately obtains 3D data of sheet metal parts.

3D scanning cultural relics

3D scanning cultural relics

Temples and shrines are a kind of spiritual support for the victims. Rebuilding these spiritual sustenances is of great help to the entire post-disaster reconstruction work.

3D scanning to detect pipeline leaks

3D scanning to detect pipeline leaks

Surface scanner helps Thames Water Company understand what different NDT tools can measure, and has used the Konica-Minolta Vivid system to draw corrosion maps in small diameter pipes.

3D casting scanning

The Casting Of 3D Scanning Case

Wellman Quality Manager Randy Parker said that since the use of 3D scanning, the scanner has played a role in the quality assurance of about 50 jobs, and "the work has exceeded expectations."

When To Use Portable Scanning?

The data accuracy of portable scanning has been completely satisfied with many applications in cultural, creative, education, and art. Compared with industrial ultra-high-precision scanners, portable scanning is easier to operate, compatible with the scanning environment, and scanning speed is faster. The cost is lower.
Portable scanning does not have strict calibration requirements, nor does it need to paste mark points on the scanned object. The intelligent splicing system can make scanning more convenient and smooth, and it is fully applicable to various complex scanning environments.
Today’s portable scanners are more like children’s brushes, and the sculptor’s sculpture knife has been completely integrated into all aspects of culture, art, and education. At the same time, portable scanning can also be used in conjunction with industrial-grade scanning and large-scene scanning. will understand the scanned scene environment and data requirements according to the actual situation of the customer, and choose a comprehensive solution for you to provide a one-stop all-round service.

Portable 3D Scanning Service
Portable 3D Scanning Service
Portable 3D Scanning
Portable 3D Scanning

Industrial-Grade Handheld Scanning

With the rapid development of the 3D scanning field in recent years, many companies are committed to improving the accuracy of hand-held scanners, hoping to combine the flexibility of hand-held scanners with the high-resolution details of raster (fixed) scanners. .
Industrial-grade handheld 3D scanners mostly adopt the laser scanning mode. The scanned objects can be easily dealt with as large as an airplane or as small as a coin. They are widely used in the inspection links of various industrial enterprises.
The industrial-grade handheld 3D scanner is flexible and convenient to operate. It can scan from multiple angles, which greatly reduces the dead angle of scanning, guarantees the integrity of the data, and the scanning speed is fast. The output data can be perfectly compatible with a variety of 3D software. Mold inspection, sample inspection, etc. are widely used, and it also provides effective data support for R&D, design and production quality assurance. Case Studies

Empower the industrial ecological chain and help the industry's digital innovation
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