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The Casting Of 3D Scanning Case

Willman Industries Inc, a full-service foundry located in Wisconsin, provides design, pattern making, heat treatment and machining. After adopting the new 3D scanner, larger castings can bring the scanner to the casting without having to move the casting to the position of the scanning arm, which greatly improves the scanning efficiency.

Wellman Quality Manager Randy Parker said that since the use of 3D scanning, the scanner has played a role in the quality assurance of about 50 jobs, and “the work has exceeded expectations.” And by using a three-dimensional scanner to check multiple process inputs, dimensional control has also been improved.

By comparing the data captured by the scanner with known CAD files, dimensional control is performed to determine whether the quality of the casting meets the expected value. This also helps to solve problems that may occur during the casting process, such as core offset.

The three-dimensional scanner can capture data at an accurate level within the range of casting requirements, which shows that the speed of capturing larger castings is higher and the data processing speed is also higher.

Using a three-dimensional laser scanner can capture castings in a shorter time and provide processing results faster, thereby providing faster feedback during the production process to maintain quality.

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