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3D Printing Aluminum Filled Nylon - Precimid1171Pro AF40

3D Printing Technical Parameters

  • 1. One-time printing size: 700x380x580mm;
  • 2. Printing layer thickness: 0.06mm~0.18mm;
  • 3. Achievable accuracy: ± 0.15 mm (Accuracy is related to geometry. It varies according to product size, printing and post-processing methods.);
  • 4. Post-processing: high temperature dyeing, metal spraying, and drilling can be performed;

The Feature Of Precimid1171Pro AF40

Precimid1171Pro AF40 is a gray, aluminum powder filled PA12 powder, which is characterized by high rigidity and good metal surface. As described above, a part of the nylon powder is doped with aluminum powder, and printed by SLS technology, so that the printed product is endowed with metallic luster. The mixed aluminum material has high strength and a certain degree of flexibility, so that it can withstand a small impact and resist some pressure when it is bent. Its surface has a rusty, powdery texture and is slightly loose. The mixed aluminum nylon material is suitable for complex models, conceptual models, series of small models (a model with multiple parts) and other functional models. Suitable for models that require a gray appearance or require higher strength than nylon materials.

After a certain test, it is found that when the content of aluminum powder increases from 0 to 50%, the mechanical properties of the finished product show a law of gradual increase and then decrease. According to this law, Yingpu selects the 40% aluminum powder at the inflection point of the mechanical properties. Addition ratio (note: due to different manufacturers’ choice of powder base material and particle size, this rule and conclusion are not universal). In addition, the tensile strength, elongation at break, and impact strength of the sintered parts also increase with the decrease of the average particle size of the aluminum powder.

Laser sintered parts are made from PA3200 GF with excellent material properties:

  • •High rigidity
  • •High temperature performance
  • •Excellent surface quality
  • •High dimensional accuracy
  • •Good processability
  • •Limited thermal conductivity

A typical application is metal-like appearance, heat-loaded parts.

The Characteristics And Applications Of Aluminum-Filled Nylon Composites

The most prominent feature of printed parts using Precimid1171Pro AF40 is high hardness, metal appearance and good post-processing possibility, which is especially suitable for application scenarios that have strict requirements on metal appearance and parts processing accuracy. The surface of the part can be easily refined by grinding, polishing or coating. Through the cutting and fracture effect of aluminum filler, the difficulty of secondary processing of laser sintering printed parts is simplified. In addition, due to the addition of metal powder, the processed parts also have better rigidity and certain thermal conductivity.

At present, this type of material is mainly used in the manufacture of hard parts requiring metal appearance in automobile manufacturing, parts manufacturing required by secondary machining, parts manufacturing required by thermal load work, and the manufacturing of parts such as customized production tools and fixtures.

Mechanical and thermal performance

Technical performance Test methodMetric
Tensile modulusISO 527-1/-23,800 MPa
Tensile strengthISO 527-1/-248MPa
Elongation at breakISO 527-1/-24 %
Impact strength of simply supported beamISO 179/1eU29J/cm
Notched impact strength of simply supported beam (+23°C)ISO 179/1eA4.6J/cm
Bending strengthISO 17872 MPa
Bending modulusISO 1783,600 MPa
Shore D hardness (15S)ISO 86876
Melting temperature (20°C/min)SO11357-1/-3176°C
Heat distortion HDT @ 0.45 MPaISO75-1/-2175°C
Heat distortion HDT @ 1.80 MPaISO75-1/-2144°C
Vicat softening temperature (50°C/h at 50N)ISO306169°C

Electrical Performance

Technical performance Test methodValue range
Volume resistivityIEC 600933E12ohm*m
Surface resistivityIEC 600935E14ohm
Relative dielectric constant (100Hz)IEC 6025013-
Relative dielectric constant (1Hz)IEC 6025010-
Dissipation factor (1Hz)IEC 60250180 E-4
Dielectric strengthIEC 60243-10.1KV/mm

*All values are taken from the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the special material. PTJ 3D printing company. No claims are made to the accuracy of these data, as each individual application may vary. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer to give specific product information.

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