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3D Printing In Animation Field

There are many reasons to like anime. Beautiful pictures, every screenshot can be used as a screensaver; tacit background music coordination; cute and distinctive characters. These things seem to be far away, but in fact they can be realized long ago through modern science and technology.

With the development of 3D printing technology, you can easily print your favorite animated characters just by inputting the data of the model you want to print into the computer. However, the printed model is the natural color of the material, that is, white. If you need a beautiful appearance, you also need to color it.

3d printing service provides a significant manufacturing solution for 3d printing animation parts of a diversity of Stop motion animation production, character and scene design, derivative product development, etc. To meet the high demands and high standard of animation products, online 3d printing for animation working with high-grade materials, advanced processing technique and sophisticated devices to ensure the high efficiency, high precision, tight tolerance, long service life and outstanding performance of the products. The custom animation components processing involves SLS,SLA,FDM,MJF, etc.

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Why Choose Animation 3DP Service

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in animation 3d printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

3D Printing Application In Animation Prototype

Traditional hand-made production needs to go through multiple processes such as carving, polishing, drawing and painting, which takes a long time and very tests the creator’s own technique, patience and experience. In addition, because the hand-made prototypes are made of sludge, clay and other materials, they are toxic, and they are likely to be made from scratch in case of major changes.

In contrast, the 3D printing process uses computer 3D design and directly 3D prints the prototype, the speed will be significantly faster, and the modification is also easy to make the model structure more accurate, rather than relying only on the personal technical experience of the prototype.

3D Printing Application In Animation Prototype

The Post-Processing Technology Of 3D Printing Prototype Cartoon Figure Model

The 3D printed anime hand-made model has a rough surface and is also the color of the raw material displayed. It must undergo some post-processing to have a beautiful appearance. The following post-processing techniques commonly used in will be used for everyone.  

  1. Sanding is essential and is the most commonly used polishing method. The surface of the 3D printed model will be relatively rough, which is determined by the molding technology of 3D printing. Although the 3D printing technology is getting better and better now, the fineness is already very high, but it has to be said that sandpaper is needed for polishing.
  2. Surface sandblasting is also a very common polishing method. The operator holds the nozzle to polish the model. The machine uses high-speed spraying of medium beads to achieve the polishing effect. Has a matte finish.
  3. It should be noted that ABS can be treated with acetone, while PLA cannot be polished with acetone. PLA uses a special polishing oil.
  4. Vibration polishing is polished with a vibration polishing machine, and the polishing is achieved through the collision and friction between the model and the medium
  5. Adhesive disassembly printing needs to be glued. For bonding, it is best to apply glue in dots and bind with rubber bands to make the two contact surfaces contact closer during bonding.
  6. The color of the raw materials when coloring the 3D printed hand model must be colored to have the appearance of various colors. Animation Case Studies

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