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3D printing provides emergency production of anti-epidemic products, global anti-epidemic

Apply 3D printing technology to help the world fight the epidemic, and contribute to this human fight against major infectious diseases.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Europe and the United States, the shortage of medical protective equipment has been one of the thorny issues in the local fight against the new crown virus. In particular, medical personnel fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic have always been in short supply of anti-epidemic supplies such as masks, face shields, protective goggles, and protective clothing.


(Click on the picture above to watch the 3D printing video of the goggles)

In April, I have received emergency assistance requests from some European and American hospitals. I hope that the company can use 3D printing technology to quickly produce a batch of epidemic prevention materials to help them tide over the difficulties. The main requirements are masks and transparent protective masks.

To this end, the 3D printing company urgently established the Fight Covid-19 project team, which is composed of CAD designers, 3D printing technical engineers, production capacity dispatchers, customer liaison officers, and accessories purchasers.

First, the CAD designer completed the CAD data design of the various accessories of the protective mask, and then the 3D printing technical engineer carried out the printing test. After three design adjustments, the design drawings are finalized.


Then, without affecting the normal production and delivery of daily 3D printing service orders, the capacity dispatcher called 8 of the 12 3D printing service centers across the country to distribute the printing task. Sixteen light-curable resin 3D printers were started at the same time, and 1,000 sets of protective mask headbands were 3D printed in just one day.

Product parts just 3D printed

Parts that are curing and disinfecting after cleaning

Trial assembly of small batch products


The protective mask consists of a 3D printed headband + PETG transparent film + elastic straps

Finally, the quality inspection, packaging, and transportation of large quantities of products


Sub-item quality inspection and packaging

Before the end of April, all 1,000 protective masks, 2,000 mask ear hooks, and 3,000 masks had all arrived at overseas destinations, including Germany, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and other places.


Nylon powder material printed mask ear hook

Feedback from the front line of overseas anti-epidemic


HospitalsRed Cross staff in the United States, Columbia, Germany and other places are using donated 3D printed protective masks.


Thank you letter from the front line overseas


(Click to watch the whole process of design, manufacture and use of protective mask)

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Wish everyone stay safe and healthy!

Let’s fight the Covid-19 together!

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