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PTJ Industry Overview

PTJ 3D was established in June 2010. The company is headquartered in Dongguan, China. It has self-built production and delivery centers in Hunan, Guangxi, Dongguan Dalingshan, Shenzhen and other places. It also has supply chain partners in more than 100 cities in China. . More than 3,000 industrial-grade 3D printers, CNC, silicone coating and other intelligent manufacturing and processing equipment can be adjusted.

Chinese Mr. Zhou Hanping founded the machining factory PINTEJIN.Ltd. in Dongguan, China in 2007. Based on the rapid development of the business, he established a 3D printing R&D base in Humen, Dongguan in 2010 and acquired the shares of Minghe Casting Company. Since its inception, the company has been developing and producing polymer products on its own. The products include composite materials, electronic packaging materials, special coatings, non-metal mold materials, structural adhesives, etc., which are widely used in automobiles, aircraft, construction, electromechanical, molds, jewelry and other industries. .

With the continuous development of business, the company designs subsidiaries and development partners in many Asian countries and continues to get involved in related derivative industries, gradually forming group-scale operations. In the past ten years, the industries involved in organic processing, 3D printing, laser cutting, automotive inspection tools, die casting, and stamping have all been successful. The group’s turnover in 2020 will reach 80 million US dollars. In the next 10 years, PTJ inspires to become a service-oriented factory in the whole industry, and improves the supply chain and workshop management step by step.

The factory currently has hundreds of professional 3D printing equipment, from desktop-level 3D printers to industrial-level 3D printing equipment from EOS, SLM Solitions, Luen Thai and other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, which can achieve SLM, SLS, SLA, FDM, FJM, etc. A kind of 3D printing process, and we have long-term cooperation with Dutch DSM and other veteran material suppliers to fully guarantee our material sources and product quality.

As a one-stop service platform for 3D printing, the company also provides 3D modeling and 3D scanning services. For all your needs, at, you can make the most suitable scan according to the real needs of customers in a short time. Technical solutions to optimize cost performance and benefit customers. At the same time, we can provide a variety of services such as 3D modeling, data processing, reverse engineering, 3D printing, and post-processing.

With our rapid prototyping technologies, we make customers’ concept become functional prototype and help customers to save time and money and avoid costly modifications during making production tooling.

With, rapid prototyping means more than creating a finished physical part. We also provide design assistance for choosing ideal processes and materials. Service Advantage

The establishment of brand image depends on excellent product and service quality
Apply for a number of patents, technically we are more professional

Apply for a number of patents, technically we are more professional

Ten years of foreign trade experience, with reliable service attitude and price advantage

Ten years of foreign trade experience, with reliable service

Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, quality is guaranteed

Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, quality is guaranteed

The preferred partner of universities, with reliable production materials and price advantages

The preferred partner of universities, with reliable quality and price Certificate

PTJ aims to help our clients reduce the risks involved in the production and improve efficiency to meet our client’s needs from the early prototype R & D to late mass production. We spare no effort to make sure you are satisfied with the quality, price and services!




Sira Certificate

Sira Certificate

Alibaba Certificate

Alibaba Certificate

PTJ 3D Printing Department In China

PTJ 3D Printing Department was invested by PINTEJIN Group in 2010. It is a subsidiary established in China and is mainly engaged in 3D PRINTING SERVICES. With the support of technology and funds, the company has introduced 3D printing machinery, CNC machining centers, and other regions from Europe and Taiwan. Cocons gantry three-coordinate measurement and other related equipment, design and manufacture Prototype products and provide related services for customers.
3D Printing China

PTJ offers online 3D printing services for china rapid prototyping and production of non-metal and metal 3D printed parts at affordable prices.

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