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What Is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process of obtaining product CAD models from existing physical models (existing products, hand touches, clay sculpture models, etc.), that is, using 3D scanner 3D scanning and various digital technologies and CAD technologies The process of reusing 3D software to construct CAD models to clone or create physical products is characterized by fast, convenient, and intuitive, and is especially suitable for product design with complex geometric shapes and many free-form surfaces. 3D scanning design, also called reverse engineering.

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China Top Online 3D Scanning Service

Want to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the product? Can’t find the CAD drawing of the product? Need to do finite element data analysis? Need to scan the model to establish 3D data for inspecting the surface of the part? Obtaining 3D data and models of historical buildings, ancient villages, and archaeological sites? All your needs, in, can provide the best solution in a short time.

We use advanced 3D scanners and have the most complete 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and reverse inspection service team. And provide measurement, 3D surface construction, product inspection services.

China Top Online 3D Scanning Service
Why Choose Our 3D Scanning Service

Why Choose Our 3D Scanning Service

Comprehensive Solution

According to the real needs of customers, formulate the most suitable comprehensive solutions, optimize cost performance, and benefit customers

One-Stop Service

We can also provide a variety of services such as 3D scanning, 3D modeling, data processing, reverse engineering, 3D printing, post-processing, etc.

Data Security System

We have a strict internal confidentiality system, and at the same time, we can sign specific confidentiality agreements according to customer needs

The Service Type Of 3D Scanning Service

Which scanning technology do I need to choose?

Portable 3D Scanning

Portable 3D Scanning

The portable scanning speed is fast, the data is accurate, and it is equipped with texture information. It can work in some complex environments and small spaces. It can quickly capture the shape of objects with high resolution and truly restore the surface color of the object.

Industrial 3D Scanning

Industrial 3D Scanning

3D industrial scanners according to the different scanning methods. We will understand the scanning scene environment and data requirements according to the actual situation of the customer, and choose comprehensive solution & provide one-stop service

Large Scene 3D Scanning

Large Scene 3D Scanning

For the 3D data collection of large-scale archaeological sites, ancient villages and historical buildings, the 3D surveying and mapping of large-scale factories, infrastructure projects, and bridge pipelines all require large-scale laser scanning equipment to provide services.

U-level high-resolution Atos 3D scanner

The accuracy can reach up to 0.007mm, measuring parts of different sizes. When using the highest resolution, it reflects the details of small parts measuring as small as 38 mm, or extremely fast scanning processing measures large objects as large as 2 meters. It can even measure objects as large as 30 meters, while maintaining extremely high local resolution. It can be used for full-size inspection, size verification, reverse engineering, and direct rapid prototyping 3d printing or precision carving. To meet high-end customers, high-precision product copying, design, and testing.

  •  – Measuring point: 2×5000 000
  •  – Measuring area: 38×29-2000x1500mm2
  •  – Measuring point distance 0.01-0.62mm
U-level high-resolution Atos 3D scanner
Metal 3D Scanning

Smart Handheld Laser 3D Scanner

Intelligent, portable, true high precision, industrial measurement accuracy 0.02mm 0.05mm resolution, third-party traceable certification
Scan the object in all directions. It is not constrained by factors such as component size, material, color, complexity, etc.
Intelligent grid creation, seamlessly docking with mainstream 3D software, improving work efficiency. Used in reverse design simulation, quality control, maintenance and repair, cultural heritage protection, film and television multimedia, VR AR applications, education, medical rehabilitation.

  •  – Scanning area: 275x250mm
  •  – Measurement speed: 480,000 measurements/sec
  •  – Resolution: 0.05
  •  – Accuracy: 0.02mm
  •  – Volume accuracy: 0.02mm/m
  •  – Depth of field: 250mm
  •  – Output format: .stl, .ply, .txt, .asc, .xyz

Reverse 3D Inspection

The organic combination of optical and contact measurement

Using the contact probe can quickly and effectively complete tasks such as measurement of difficult-to-measure areas, direct comparison with CAD data, detection of primitives, single-point rapid measurement, and online alignment.

Automatic photogrammetry system

The use of high-resolution photogrammetry cameras, with a current resolution of up to 29 million pixels, and equipped with a specially developed optical system, effectively expand the measurement range and shorten the working distance.

Integrated and traceable measurement and inspection application software

Software with traceability is used to control the measuring head, process the 3D point cloud, edit and post-process various data, etc.

Mobile human body 3D scanning system

The self-developed 3D scanning system uses a high-resolution photogrammetry camera to complete the full-color scanning and recording of the human body and any expressions in 0.01 second, and can be used for full-color model 3D printing. Case Studies

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3D Printing China

PTJ offers online 3D printing services for rapid prototyping and production of non-metal and metal 3D printed parts at affordable prices.

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Free 3D Printing Quote Process

Upload drawing files (PDF, DXF, IGES, STEP). You can easily register multiple drawings at once with the drawing file batch registration (EDI).

  • * Supports drawing uploads in file formats “.pdf”, “.jpg”, and “.png”.
  • * Supports file uploading and loading of 3D (3D) CAD data “.igs” and “.step”.
  • * Supports file uploading of two-dimensional (2D) CAD data “.dxf” and “.dwg”.

Quotation confirmation / order

The shortest estimate from drawing data. Check the quotation on a PC etc. and place an order (order).

* Estimates can be confirmed from the member-only management screen (PC, smartphone, tablet).

Started 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping and production

After accepting the request, Rapid Prototyping and manufacturing work is started by a specialist in 3D Printing,Cnc Machining, prototyping, and equipment.

You can monitor the progress from your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Finished product inspection / shipping

Processing and production completed. After a strict check, we will promptly deliver to the designated delivery destination. Please look forward to the arrival of the finished product.

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