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The Application In The Film And Television Special Effects Makeup Industry

Living body remodeling is something we often use in special effects makeup. In most cases, the remodeling objects are our actors. Generally, we will carry out some makeup carvings on the reproduced model, after the material conversion, and then the actors put on the makeup, and finally the special effect makeup we see on the screen is presented.

As the first part of special effects makeup, living body remodeling plays a vital role. However, live remodeling is a nightmare for specialization artists and actors in traditional special effects makeup. Because of the long preparatory time for remodeling, serious waste of materials, cumbersome time for the remodeling process, high personnel input and high technical requirements, and the fixed set of actors Strength is also a great test and other shortcomings, which are often complained by everyone.

I confirmed the look in my eyes, it was really painful! ! ! ! ! ! , It takes at least 20 minutes to just make a face.

The whole model is turned over, and 6 people work together. The actors maintain a fixed movement throughout the whole process. If they are a little careless, the whole process has to be restarted. For 5-6 hours, the material used in the re-molding is in direct contact with the skin, and he feels full of restraint, whether he can feel his pain through the screen. This makes those actors who wish to wear the mask for 24 hours swell, what to do?

So the point is here, there is a 3D scanning and industrial-grade SLA3D printing equipment, these problems are easily solved.

A facial scan of a person can be done easily in only 30s. It only requires an engineer to operate the equipment, and the entire body scan can be completed in only 5 minutes.

Three-dimensional scanning technology can realize non-contact measurement, and has the advantages of fast speed and high accuracy. The scan results can be applied to 3D printing, and the scanned model can be printed out through 3D printing.

With the development of film and television industrialization, 3D scanning and 3D printing is penetrating into all aspects of film and television production.

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