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Application Of 3D Scanning Technology In The Automotive Field

Three-dimensional scanning technology has a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. Three-dimensional scanners can quickly and easily obtain three-dimensional data on the surface of the workpiece. It is convenient to redesign and transform the appearance of products through reverse design, which greatly shortens the development cycle of new products and saves a lot of development and design costs. ; In terms of quality control, 3D scanners can quickly obtain 3D data of parts and components, and perform inspections and comparisons on key automobile parts such as engines, transmissions, steering gears, etc., and can quickly obtain deviation values ​​in the production process of products, using high-precision Three-dimensional measurement technology realizes strict product quality control and provides a strong guarantee for the safety of automobile production.

Quality inspection

Through the 3D scanning technology, the shape 3D data of the scanned object can be obtained, and the obtained 3D scanning data and the original 3D drawing can be compared and analyzed in 3D. The deviation value of each position can be easily obtained, which provides a friendly way for the size detection of large curved surfaces and complex structures. solution. In addition, data such as coaxiality, hole pitch, assembly clearance, etc. can be easily obtained by fitting three-dimensional data, and two-dimensional dimensions can be extracted and obtained from three-dimensional data.

Virtual assembly

Perform 3D scanning of the assembly to obtain a complete high-precision three-dimensional model. The simulated assembly of the assembly can be realized through professional three-dimensional software, and the assembly results and analysis can be obtained easily and quickly. If the virtual assembly fails, the assembly can be improved later based on the deviation data.

Reverse engineering

Scanning the surface of the measured object with a three-dimensional scanner can easily obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of the measured object. Importing the three-dimensional data obtained by three-dimensional scanning into the three-dimensional modeling software can provide a basis for modeling design and greatly save the time of manual surveying and mapping. The accuracy of the laser three-dimensional scanner can reach up to 0.03mm to ensure that the reverse modeling is more accurate. Greatly save development costs and shorten the development cycle.

Analysis of exercise status

The user uses a laser 3D scanner to scan the opening and closing parts of car doors, trunks, interior parts, etc. in different states to obtain the structural relationship of the opening and closing parts in different motion states, for subsequent structural analysis and size design Provide accurate three-dimensional data in links and other links.

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