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Newly added 3D printing casting material—Introduction to 3D printing purple wax

3D printing purple wax equipment: ProJet MJP 2500W

3D printing purple wax material model: VisiJet M2 CAST-100% wax

Printing size: 295 x 211 x 142mm

Purple wax characteristics:

Casting reliability

VisiJet M2 CAST 100% wax material melts like standard casting wax, and the ash content in the casting is negligible. This material is durable and particularly suitable for processing and casting fine and beautiful features. The high-contrast purple color allows details to be better visualized.

High resolution

Consistently with high fidelity, the sharp edges, clear details and smooth surfaces are perfectly achieved when printing. It is very suitable for precision metal parts made of precision metal parts, reducing metal manual polishing.

Application areas:

  1. Rapid metal prototype casting
  2. Trial production and serial production of end-use metal parts
  3. Customized metal parts manufacturing

Get more models faster, keep up with the metal casting workflow


  1. Trustworthy high-fidelity model
  2. Special sharp edges, exquisite feature definition and smooth surface
  3. Effectively remove supports and improve the freedom of geometric design
  4. High-performance, durable casting wax
  5. Jewelry/Watch Manufacturing

Clear details are printed on small structures and surfaces, and the accuracy and consistency that have been verified countless times ensure that you can achieve the highest level of precision through the digital manufacturing of jewelry pieces.

Art, fashion and collectibles

Wax molds are directly used to produce fashion design items, luxury items, statues, and collectibles. Maximize the accuracy of wall thickness and reduce the waste of precious metals and expensive materials.

Industrial components

Has a wide range of applications. Precision parts in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and machinery industries (such as turbines, bearing seats, and manifolds) can print small and medium-sized components with complex structures.

Medical equipment

By increasing flexibility and productivity, broaden your business scope, custom prostheses and mass digital manufacturing. Our wax model printers make production faster, easier and more effective, greatly reducing lead times. 

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