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3D print detailed models in bright colors

Rigid opaque materials combine dimensional stability and fine detail to accurately simulate the appearance of production parts, even for fast machining.

With the Connex3 system, rigid opaque materials can have vibrant colors, from jet black to daylight yellow, vivid magenta, and hundreds of mixed shades.

3D printing with rigid opaque materials

Rigid opaque photopolymer with excellent detail rendering available in grey, black, white and blue. You can 3D print accurate, aesthetically pleasing prototypes that can be tested for fit, form, and function, even for moving and assembled parts. Plus, you can make smooth, precise jigs, fixtures, and fabrication molds; the blue tint is perfect for silicone molding.

For Objet30 Pro, Objet30 Prime and all Eden, Connex1, Connex2 and Connex3 3D ​​printers, the rigid opaque Vero series includes:

  1. Rigid Opaque White Material (VeroWhitePlus RGD835)
  2. Rigid Opaque Gray Material (VeroGray RGD850)
  3. Rigid Opaque Blue Material (VeroBlue RGD840)
  4. Rigid Opaque Black Material (VeroBlackPlus RGD875)

With the Connex1, Connex2, and Connex3 3D ​​printers, you can use digital materials to simulate a variety of tones by combining a rigid opaque white material (VeroWhitePlus) with a rubber-like black material (TangoBlackPlus).

bright colors

For Connex3 systems, the Vero family also includes:

  1. VeroCyan
  2. VeroMagenta
  3. VeroYellow
  4. VeroBlack
  5. VeroWhite

This allows the Connex3 system to create hundreds of digital colors that can be mixed directly in the 3D printer. You can combine up to 46 vibrant, repeatable color rigid colors in one 3D model for unprecedented design freedom. These tinted materials are also blended with VeroClear transparent photopolymers to create beautiful translucent colors, and with rubber-like materials for a variety of shades and hardnesses.

Easily remove support material

Increase throughput and gain more design freedom, as well as easy removal of support material in delicate textures and tight cavities. Soluble support (SUP706) supports both hands-free and optimized manual or WaterJet removal. It is compatible with all PolyJet materials (except hearing aids and dental materials) and works with Connex1, Connex2 and Connex3 devices.

*All values are taken from the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the special material. PTJ 3D Printing China company. No claims are made to the accuracy of these data, as each individual application may vary. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer to give specific product information.

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Why Choose Our 3D Printing RIGID OPAQUE Service?

PTJ meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in RIGID OPAQUE 3D Printing and more additive manufacturing parts.

Why Choose Service – As an accomplished 3d printing company and Additive manufacturing shop, PTJ has been specialized in OEM 3d printing, custom 3d printing parts production and rapid 3d printing services China for over 10 years and always maintaining the highest standard in delivery speed and reliable quality of precision additive manufacturing components. With the help of high-level technology and efficient equipment, as well as rigorous attitude, we passed the ISO9001:2015 quality certification, which supports the long-term development of Our SLA 3d printing services, SLS 3d printing services, fdm 3d printing services, DLP 3d printing services, SLM 3d printing services, MJF 3d printing services, 3d printing China custom parts and service, small prototype parts customized, etc. professional 3d printing involves metal 3d printing, plastic 3d printing, and some difficult materials. Our 3d printing products can be utilized in a broad range of industries.

If you are looking for quality 3d printing services near me, our low cost 3d printing process will review the design, build your quote, assess the cost and get your non-metal or metal fabrication parts into production orderly and efficiently.


Comprehensive Solution

According to the real needs of customers, formulate the most suitable comprehensive solutions, optimize cost performance, and benefit customers

One-stop Service

It can provide a variety of services such as 3D scanning, 3D modeling, data processing, reverse engineering, 3D printing, post-processing, etc. at the same time

Strong Service Capability

With dozens of experienced foreign trade salesmen, they can provide consulting and follow-up services for customers in different regions at any time

Data Security System has a strict internal confidentiality system, and can sign specific confidentiality agreements according to customer needs

3D Printing China

PTJ offers online 3D printing services for china rapid prototyping and production of non-metal and metal 3D printed parts at affordable prices.

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