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Six major trends in 3D printing

3D printing will promote sustainable production

3D printing has a big advantage-saving costs. 3D printing is a typical additive manufacturing, which greatly reduces the waste, inventory and carbon dioxide emissions generated by the manufacturing industry. From a social and environmental point of view, 3D printing has provided companies with a sustainable production method. Therefore, looking forward to 2020, when we plan to do more with 3D printing, sustainable production will also become an important consideration.

The opportunities that 3D printing will bring to economic development

Today is different from the past, 3D printing is no longer just prototype manufacturing, it has become a complementary technology for manufacturing end products. Therefore, in a period of uncertain economic conditions, more and more manufacturing companies will use 3D printing as a tool to reduce costs and avoid risks. 3D printing no longer represents high costs and high risks, but opportunities.

3D printing will promote product innovation

The rapid and efficient development of 3D printing technology has added a quick technical approach to the production and development of prototypes, and also added more freedom to design, creativity and artistic expression. Nowadays, people’s requirements for performance and aesthetics are increasing day by day, and the demand for product innovation is even stronger. There is no doubt that 3D printing technology is an ideal way to promote product innovation.

3D printing will release the potential for the development of artificial intelligence

With the release of my country’s “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, artificial intelligence is gradually being integrated into the manufacturing industry, driving enterprises to accelerate their intelligent upgrades. As one of the key manufacturing technologies in the manufacturing industry, 3D printing technology occupies an important position in the development of artificial intelligence, and will also release huge potential for the development of artificial intelligence.

3D printing talents are more specialized

While the 3D printing industry is growing rapidly, many universities at home and abroad have also added 3D printing-related majors, which will continuously cultivate more professional talents for the 3D printing industry, and provide intellectual guarantee and internal driving force for the development of the industry.

3D metal printing technology breaks the ground

There are three important factors in the development of metal 3D printing technology, equipment, materials and technology. There is still room for improvement in these three aspects. In order to expand the application scale of 3D printing technology, metal 3D printing technology is developing in the direction of low cost, large size, multiple materials, high precision, and high efficiency. The technological breakthrough is just around the corner. 

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