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The Accident Scene Of Large Scene 3D Scanning

Advantages of 3D laser scanner

First of all, it is small in size and light in weight, weighing only 5Kg, can be put in a suitcase or backpack, very easy to carry. Secondly, its scanning speed is very fast, it can record 976,000 points per second, and can generate millimeter-level three-dimensional point cloud data of the surrounding environment within a few minutes. This not only improves the work efficiency of the appraisers during on-site surveys, but more importantly, all relevant physical and environmental information are completely recorded, avoiding the omission of useful information, ensuring that the survey tasks are completed in one on-site survey and avoiding duplication. Time, manpower, and financial costs of a business trip.
Before the advent of 3D laser scanners, the usual on-site survey methods were tape measurement, photo recording, and on-site marking. This recording method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also prone to errors in data collection, and sometimes such errors can mislead the case analysis. The bigger problem is that traditional measurement methods are likely to miss useful information, laying hidden dangers for subsequent analysis.

Advantages of 3D scanning solutions in traffic accident identification

The 3D point cloud data can provide an intuitive scene scene for subsequent analysis.
High-precision point cloud data can restore the on-site environment to a high degree, thus providing a virtual and intuitive environment for analysts in the office. When analyzing in the software, the analyst can also visually mark the traces and collision points, and perform trajectory analysis, so as to restore the accident process to the greatest extent. The degree of precision of the restoration often shocks the parties.

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