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The Process Of 3D Printing Spray Paint Coloring

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When 3D printing customized models, some models with higher appearance requirements need to be painted and sprayed. So what are the 3D printing spray paint manufacturers? 3D printing is possible in Here is how to color it?

The colored model usually uses 3D printing resin material. The printed resin material has the characteristics of smooth surface and easy coloring. The surface of the 3D printed model is very rough. It needs to be polished first, sprayed, and then polished. Once, polish the uneven areas, and the polished model can be painted.

1. Background color

As a whole, use a spray gun to select a primer close to the color of the finished product, usually thin coating, layer by layer. The detail part and the part with large contrast with the overall color can be reserved first without spraying.

2. Color blocks

Generally speaking, coloring should follow the process from large and small areas, from spraying to hand coating. This helps to improve efficiency. First, spray large-area color blocks, then hand-paint small-area color blocks, spray and hand-paint to complete the overall color drawing.

3. Color adjustment

In the spraying and polishing stage, this step is mainly through layer-by-layer stacking, color adjustments such as overlapping, over-dyeing, gradation, transition, etc., to emphasize the color structure and details.

4. Partial details coloring

Mainly depict the details, such as the character’s facial features, clothing details, distressed, imitation copper and other mottled traces, lines, etc. Through the depiction of details, the original image of the model is restored to a high degree, and the modeling features are highlighted to create the most realistic model.

5. Light perception adjustment

Fine coloring for light perception adjustment is mainly divided into two categories: matte treatment and bright treatment. According to customer needs, use matte oil or bright oil to adjust the texture to create an overall matte or bright light, and some matte or bright light to achieve a highly simulated model texture.

The above is the analysis of 3D printing spray paint and coloring manufacturers introduced by 3D printing for everyone, and how to color it. I hope to provide you with a reference.

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