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What Material Is The Most Suitable 3D Printed Buckle Structure Assemblies

After the product is designed, in order to verify the product structure and appearance, it is generally necessary to make prototypes of the prototype structure. The prototypes of different structures and requirements need to choose different materials, then what material should be selected for 3D printing of the assembly parts with the buckle structure Suitable?

Generally, there are buckles in the structure of the product. Generally, the buckle needs to be assembled and tested. At this time, the buckle is easy to be bent under force. If the material is brittle and rigid, it will deform and break when bent. Good toughness and elongation at break.

The current materials with better toughness include high-toughness photosensitive resins for light-curing resins, and nylon for powder sintering. They have better toughness. They can be used as general snap-fit ​​assembly parts, and their toughness is satisfactory.

However, nylon and tough resin are different in other properties. Nylon has high strength, but the surface is not smooth, and the surface is frosted and powdery, similar to sandblasting. The strength of high-toughness resin is not as good as nylon, but the surface is smooth and can be subjected to post-treatment operations such as painting.

Nylon and high-toughness resin have their own advantages. The specific choice of which one needs to be selected according to the characteristics and application scope of the prototype. The above is the 3D printing service introduced by The 3D printing service is suitable for 3D printing. I hope to provide you with a reference for the analysis of what materials to use.

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