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3D printing empowers digital manufacturing and customized beautiful sound quality of clarinet instruments 2

It is said that many people have had the idea of ​​learning a certain musical instrument, and many of them gave up this idea because of the price of the musical instrument. For example, the clarinet itself is not low in price, and it needs to be replaced from time to time.

Clarinet enthusiast Pereira also discovered this, so he thought about how to change this situation. For this reason, he became an apprentice in clarinet repair, which ended up being 4 years. However, I also learned a lot of professional knowledge and tried a variety of different materials.

In addition, Pereira was born in a family of engineers and has a good understanding of various technologies. After continuous learning, he tried to use the 3D printing process to make the body of the clarinet. After many iterations, Pereira finally 3D printed the reed pipe’s mouthpiece, two-section pipe, upper section pipe, lower section pipe, and Yang Yin pipe. Compared to similar tubes of US$200-300, Pereira’s 3D printed tubes cost only US$50.

Now, Pereira has not only obtained an advanced degree in clarinet playing, but also opened a clarinet repair shop in Philadelphia to provide customers with a variety of 3D printed tubes. The materials are available in wood PLA and bronze PLA.

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