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After 3D printing, 4D printing again?

Most people have heard of Ma Liang’s fairy tales when they were young, and at the same time, they yearn for having such a magical pen so that they can sketch their dreams according to their own ideas, and this magical pen can realize it for us. Although this is a fairy tale, when combined with 3D printing, we seem to see the moment when this story is realized.

We can use 3D to print out the objects we want, whether it is people, organs, food, weapons, as long as we can design a three-dimensional model through a computer, a 3D printer can print it for us. Of course, it doesn’t matter if we don’t know how to design three-dimensional computers. With a three-dimensional scanner, we only need to scan the entity we want to print. With the help of a computer system, we can automatically generate a 3D model for us, and then import it into a 3D printer for printing. The progress of science and technology sometimes evolves faster than we understand. While we are still at the cognitive level of professional 3D printers, 3D printers have quietly developed to the desktop level, and are now moving into every family. The path evolution.

Not only that, a smaller 3D printer has also appeared in front of us. It is really like the magic pen in Ma Liang’s hand. We only need to hold the 3D printing pen to draw directly, and drawing is also a printing process. Therefore, we can vividly understand that 3D printing is like Ma Liang’s magic pen. It can print not only models for us, but more importantly, print ideas for us. We can create a unique cup according to our own ideas, and then adopt 3D printing does it for us. We can also create a pair of unique shoes according to our own ideas, and then customize them for us through 3D printing; we can also print a table for us through 3D printing according to our own creative ideas, which is not only edible, but also has artistic aesthetics. The development of food and 3D printing has brought great influence, change and imagination to our future life and business form.

If 3D printing is endowed with the value of dreams because it is a magic pen, then in 4D, if the Monkey King’s golden cudgel, this golden cudgel must be an artifact that everyone knows and aspires to own, even though it exists. In the novel. But today, this golden hoop rod that once existed in the novel has come from the novel to our real life with the arrival of 4D printing technology. The only difference is that the golden hoop rod is 3D printed and has gold New technology of hoop function.

In the world of 4D printing, the printed body can be given to automatically change at a specific time or under specific conditions, or become a self-changing and self-assembling object. What we print can be a round stick, but it can automatically transform into a three-dimensional square for us when triggered, or into some other shapes.

For example, for people who travel frequently, different travel conditions require suitcases of different sizes and capacities, so we have to prepare multiple suitcases at home, or we barely use a suitcase that does not meet the requirements for luggage. When printing a suitcase with the help of 4D printing technology, there will be no troublesome situation. It can automatically enlarge and shrink for us according to the pressure generated by different capacities, or it can automatically change and assemble according to the different forms of the loaded luggage. .

This is the golden hoop-like technological world brought about by 4D printing, and it will soon enter our public lives. If 3D will influence and change business, then 4D will obviously bring more profound changes and influences. ,profound.

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