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Analysis of the factors affecting the price of 3D printers

Cost of 3D printer

The price of 3D printers varies according to different types of technologies. From the simplest thousand-yuan FDM desktop 3D printing to the most modern FDM industrial 3D printer, the cost of a 3D printer may be hundreds of thousands of yuan apart. If you want to buy your own 3D printer, you must be clear about what type of technology can meet your needs, and you must take into account future equipment scalability and other issues.

The key points that must be paid attention to when purchasing a 3D printer include the size, speed, accuracy and particularly critical types of 3D printing technology. This will interfere with the range of materials you can use, and naturally also includes the hardware cost of the 3D printer itself. Therefore, you should first try to answer the following questions: Will the use of 3D printers solve your actual problems?

3D printer cost: FDM printing technology

If you just want to study 3D printing technology and use it to test your test project, you can choose a lower cost FDM desktop 3D printer. The average price varies from 2,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, which can basically meet your test. need. Although the sales volume of this type of product is small and it is impossible to print high-precision parts, it can still help you familiarize yourself with the 3D printing workflow at a low cost.

If you are already looking for an FDM industrial-grade 3D printer for direct production purposes, the price of your 3D printer is about 50,000-300,000 yuan. The factors leading to this price gap are the high printing accuracy of industrial-grade 3D printers, small errors, and more diversified print sizes and materials that can be used.

3D printer cost: more modern printing technology

As you adopt more complex printing technologies, the price of 3D printers tends to increase. The entry price of the SLS3D printer is about 50,000 yuan. If you have to manufacture complex products and want to have a shorter manufacturing time than the FDM3D printer, then buying a 3D printer with this technology is a good choice.

Therefore, if you choose other 3D printing technologies (such as Multijet, Colorjet, DMLS, etc.), considering that the cost of 3D printers will increase, not everyone can afford it. It is recommended to choose a 3D printer within a reasonable budget price according to the number of prints you have to estimate.

Cost of 3D printing materials

Different 3D printing technologies correspond to different usable materials. The more modern the 3D printer you use, the higher the cost of materials. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose 3D printing technology according to the price of 3D printing materials that can be provided. Many materials have high price differences between each other, so please remember to take the material cost into account in the cost of 3D printing.

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