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Application of 3D printing helmet technology in the field of helmet production

Recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has deployed the “one helmet and one belt” safety protection action nationwide, advocating motorcycle and electric bicycle riders to wear helmets correctly.

The market demand for helmets has increased significantly, and market prices have skyrocketed. Factories are also working overtime and mass production. In order to meet the needs of users, many helmet factories have used 3D printing technology for design modeling, so as to create more safe and personalized helmets.

I believe that many of my friends don’t understand the 3D printing helmet technology very well. Next, I will take you to take a look at the production process of the 3D printing helmet:

  1. First download a helmet model software from the Internet, slice it, adjust the corresponding size and add support
  2. Copy the sliced ​​3D printing helmet model software to the SD card, insert it into the 3D printer, set the corresponding parameters and start printing
  3. During the printing process, pay attention to whether the printing is smooth, whether there are other abnormalities, and deal with it in time
  4. After the printing is completed, remove the model, remove the support, and polish the uneven areas. If necessary, you can also color the 3D printing helmet, add some other accessories, etc.

Looking at the complete production process of a 3D printing helmet, I believe everyone has some understanding of this 3D printing technology, so let me explain to you what are the benefits of 3D printing helmets!

Benefit 1: 3D printing helmet can effectively meet the needs of individual users

With the development of the times, the majority of young friends pursue more and more personalized customization, and customized helmets are also loved by many users. However, if manufacturers need to open a mold to manufacture a customized helmet, the cost is very high, but 3d printing technology can be used. A good solution to this problem. According to the designed helmet model, use high-strength ABS material to print out, and then color according to your favorite color, you can print a very personalized 3d printed helmet.

Benefit 2: 3D printing helmets can reduce mold opening costs for helmet manufacturers

All tangible products need to be mold-opened from design to production. The model designed by the designer needs to be mold-opened to verify the effect before mass production. In the meantime, if the model designed by the designer cannot reach production after the mold is opened The effect needs to be modified to open the mold again. We all know that the cost of mold opening is quite high, which is a lot of expense for the manufacturer.

Then after having a 3d printer, you can print out the physical model according to the model diagram. , The physical model can be displayed three-dimensionally in front of the designer, and the cost is very low, so 3D printing helmets can well reduce the cost of mold opening for helmet manufacturers. 

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