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How high-performance material 3D printing is applied to the small batch production of terminal parts

High-performance engineering plastics such as ULTEM™, PEI, PAEK and PPSU have significant advantages in terms of lightweight, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, and durability. In many cases, they can become more economical and efficient alternatives to metal alloys. Taste. The high-performance engineering plastic 3D printing technology based on the material extrusion process brings low-cost and lightweight solutions for industrial-grade manufacturing applications in terms of design and realization of customization and small-batch production. This has been verified in the field of formula car manufacturing.

In this issue, we will share application examples of additive manufacturing of lightweight parts for Formula E racing cars, and use these applications to see how high-performance engineering plastics 3D printing technology can achieve small-batch production of lightweight terminal parts.

The E0711-11 EVO Formula E racing car is newly unveiled, using a large number of high-performance engineering plastics 3D printed parts.

From final parts to spare parts

GreenTeam, a student formula electric racing team from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, released the latest model E0711-11 EVO before the upcoming new season. EVO used to be a record-breaking car in the Stuttgart area. The E0711-11 EVO is named after this and represents their vision for the new season. GreenTeam has high hopes for EVO and put a lot of energy into it. “In the past two years, we have re-tailored almost all the components for the EVO,” said Karsten Müller, who is in charge of vehicle management. The team members have developed a new wheel assembly that provides more degrees of freedom from the perspective of aerodynamics and kinematics. The formula car uses a lightweight design of carbon fiber wheels, new brake calipers, and 3D printing. The parts are applied to the body system.

Diversified 3D printing applications

3D printed parts are used in different positions on the new electric racing car. Approximately 99 parts of E0711-11 EVO are manufactured using INTAMSYS-FUNMAT HT 3D printing equipment. 3D printing makes the manufacturing of parts much faster than traditional manufacturing. In order to better prepare for the new season, there are still many parts on the car that are used as spare parts through 3D printing, so that the parts can be replaced quickly in the competition.

E0711-11 EVO is the first racing car developed by GreenTeam with so many high-performance engineering plastic 3D printed parts. Compared with machined parts, 3D printed plastic parts can reduce the weight of the race car by 50%.

With sufficient mechanical properties, these high-performance materials can be used in racing cars. And 3D printing provides the ability to modify component design quickly and cost-effectively. Components can be printed on demand, with low cost and short delivery time. In addition, plastic parts also have non-conductive characteristics, which are more popular in the manufacture of electric racing cars than metal parts.

Lighter, faster, and cheaper

INTAMSYS-Yuanzhu Intelligence provided GreenTeam with consultation on FUNMAT HT 3D printers, INTAM™ cables and 3D printing applications for new racing cars.

3D printed parts are reflected in their new electric racing battery system, braking system and power electronics. E0711-11 EVO must withstand extreme conditions in the race. The use of high-performance engineering plastics can meet excellent mechanical properties, high Chemical resistance, good flame retardancy and high strength-to-weight ratio are required.

GreenTeam used ULTEM™ 9085 to 3D print the busbar of the high voltage battery system. ULTEM™ 9085 material has the characteristics of high performance, chemical resistance, thermal stability, etc., and can be used as a substitute for metal parts. Compared with previously machined parts, 3D printed parts with high-performance materials have reduced the weight of the car. INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT 3D printing equipment is specially designed for 3D printing of high-performance materials such as PEEK and ULTEM. It also supports engineering plastics such as PA, PC and ABS. Parts printed with high heat-resistant materials such as PEEK, PPSU or ULTEM are used to make real parts such as brackets, gaskets and busbars in electric racing cars to replace metal parts used in previous racing cars. Green Team also used ABS and PC to customize some covers and shells for different components.

3D printing has brought many benefits to the racing field. It not only helps to shorten the development time of new designs, but also produces end-use parts that can provide significant performance advantages. In the future, GreenTeam will continue to use INTAMSYS-Yuanzhu smart 3D printing Equipment and high-performance materials to explore more possibilities of 3D printing in formula racing.

How to apply high-performance material 3D printing technology in the wider manufacturing field?

Formula racing’s manufacturing technology is at the forefront of development and manufacturing technology. In the process of joint development with the racing manufacturing team, machine tool and additive manufacturing equipment manufacturers have also refined advanced manufacturing processes to further confirm their market competitive position. There is no doubt that motorsport is still one of the technology accelerators. In the past ten years, additive manufacturing-3D printing technology has become an important part of the manufacturing process of modern design and prototype of racing cars, as well as parts of participating vehicles. Additive manufacturing parts have been continuously improved in motorsports, and will eventually extend from top to bottom to a wider business environment.

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