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Three-Dimensional Scanner Makes The Prosthetic More Warm

Old man Xia Boyu, 69, made his fifth summit of Mount Everest and finally succeeded.

And he relied on prosthetic limbs. He said, “As long as I can climb, I have to keep climbing, and I have to work hard for a day. No matter if Everest can be climbed or not, I will continue to climb. Climbing Everest is my life’s hobby and dream.”

Taking dreams as feet, transcending the limit, created a miracle of life.

The main function of the prosthesis is to replace some of the functions of the limbs and restore the patients’ ability to take care of themselves and work. Therefore, it must be more detailed and precise in order to make the patients more comfortable to wear and help them to reduce the burden more. This shows that the prosthesis The importance of.

Traditional prostheses are basically hand-made, the process is cumbersome, and it relies on the personal experience of the technician, and a large amount of patient data cannot be saved.

The first step is to take the model. The patient has to take off his clothes and wrap a wet plaster bandage, which is very uncomfortable psychologically and physically. In addition, it takes a long time to make a plaster model manually, and manual measurement cannot guarantee accuracy (just making a lower limb prosthesis) , You need to accurately measure more than 10 data).

Wearing such a prosthetic limb is very likely to cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain, and muscle atrophy in the affected area, which will inevitably increase the burden on all aspects of the patient.


Using a color 3D scanner, you can quickly obtain accurate 3D data of the legs without sticking points or touching the patient, and then use 3D software to generate a curved surface to form a 3D digital model.

At the same time, this color 3D scanner is easy to carry and easy to operate. It is easy for technicians to operate and can easily provide services for patients who are inconvenient to go out. This reduces the burden on enterprises and patients and can effectively save 3D data. , Establish a patient’s digital file to facilitate further adjustment of treatment in the later stage.

  1. Use a color three-dimensional scanner;
  2. The color three-dimensional scanner performs three-dimensional scanning, no need to paste points, no need to touch, scanning takes 3 minutes;
  3. Quickly obtain accurate stl data of the legs.

3D scanning summary

This color 3D scanner can scan at a high speed of 550,000 dots per second. It can quickly obtain accurate 3D data of the legs without sticking points or touching the patient.

Then combined with 3D printing technology, the original two days of making models with artificial plaster can be shortened to only half an hour, which greatly shortens the cycle of prosthetic production, effectively improves accuracy, and helps companies improve efficiency while making patients more comfortable to wear .

Prostheses made with 3D scanning technology can help patients reduce their burden more, integrate into society faster and better, and regain their confidence in life.

The dream is not far away, we still go forward courageously…

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