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3D Scanning Car Seat

When the car needed precise and realistic 3D car seat models for design and modification, they learned that a handheld 3D scanner would be the ultimate solution.

Use two different handheld structured light scanners to scan multiple color 3D car seats from different angles, and then create accurate 3D models of these 3D models for use locally and throughout the organization among designers and engineers.

3D scanners are used to create 3D models of car seats. Scanning is usually done from different angles to capture geometric shapes. Use the scanner to scan the smaller, complex details of the seat, and then merge the data to form a complete, high-precision car seat 3D model.

Both devices are portable and easy to use, which means they can be taken to different places.

The result of this process is very reliable, because the precise measurement of the scanned object can provide support for subsequent evaluation. Measure the seat model and compare it with the prototype to meet quality requirements such as comfort and ergonomics, and then adjust its shape or contour to the standard.

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