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Finely Restore Details Of Ancient Cultural Relics

my country has a vast territory and a long history. Five thousand years of advancement has left us with a splendid civilization and countless exquisite cultural relics. We must pass on these historical relics that have experienced thousands of years of corruption and carefully protect and display them. Work must be done in two ways.

But how can cultural relics display research be conducted normally under the principle of protecting the safety of cultural relics?

In recent years, the rapid development of 3D scanning technology has helped us solve this problem well.
With current 3D scanning equipment, the accuracy and speed of scanned data have been greatly improved, and accurate 3D data can be quickly obtained without direct contact with the surface of cultural relics. Then use the data to build a digital model with a high degree of reduction, which can be used for display and research, and the original cultural relics can be well protected, killing two birds with one stone. However, due to the particularity of cultural relics, there are very strict requirements on 3D scanning equipment and scanning environment. In the process of 3D data collection and processing, it is necessary to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the 3D data. Therefore, appropriate 3D scanning equipment should be selected according to the specific cultural relics.

For monumental relics, it is very difficult to obtain digital archives that can meet the requirements for original copying.

Because there may be hundreds of characters inscribed on the surface of a monument, each character is only two or three centimeters square, the strokes are complex and have calligraphic significance, which means that the outline and engraving depth of each character must be recorded to the extreme. In this case, the 3D scanning equipment is required to have a very high degree of detail.


The use of dual-color laser handheld 3D scanners, the world’s unique red and blue laser dual-mode working mode, takes into account the portability, flexibility and efficiency of handheld 3D scanners, as well as the high resolution, high detail, and large scanning objects of camera-based 3D scanners. It can be easily dealt with from an airplane to as small as a coin.
Use the blue light mode of the scanner to scan the inscriptions of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the ancient swords of the Warring States Period to quickly obtain their accurate three-dimensional data.
Working hours (each rubbing)

  1. Marking points: 2 minutes;
  2. Three-dimensional scanning: 3 minutes.

3D scanning summary

It can be seen that the original text on the inscription is difficult to distinguish due to the color. After the high-precision scanning of this 3D scanner, the three-dimensional information of the text is accurately restored, and the influence of chromatic aberration is eliminated. The inscription is presented through the uneven three-dimensional data. Clear text.
Three-dimensional scanning data collection is a high-fidelity three-dimensional model established for cultural relics, which realizes the retention of fine information of cultural relics and permanent archiving of data, and accelerates the digital construction of the museum.
Historical cultural relics carry a sense of identity and pride of a nation. The historical cultural relics of a country represent the “root” and “soul” of the country’s long history and culture. The protection and inheritance of cultural relics is the witness of history and protects the past of the nation and the country. The brilliance of the world, the resources of today, the hope of the future, to protect cultural relics is to protect history.

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