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As the cheapest material for 3D printing, FDM process PLA material has many customers’ needs. Today, I will introduce you to the main points of 3D printing PLA material!

Print size

General desktop FDM equipment size: X axis 390Y axis 390 high Z axis 370mm

For models larger than 300mm in size, please contact customer service to confirm

Wall thickness

It is related to the size of the model. The wall thickness below 200mm is at least 0.8mm;

The wall thickness below 300mm is at least 1mm;

The wall thickness of 300mm—800mm is at least 3.2mm.


The minimum detail is 0.8mm, including the line width, the depth of the protrusions or depressions.


Print size error: 100mm difference ±0.15mm. The error of splicing parts will be too large, depending on the number of splicing parts,

Fit clearance

Tight fit: 0.2mm

Loose fit: 0.3-0.4mm

PLA models can only print models with simpler structures, and there are more hangings, and models with complex structures need to be confirmed by contacting the production department before printing.

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