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Eight areas of main application of 3d printing technology

The term 3D printing is a new technology keyword in many people’s minds, but what exactly 3D printing technology can do and what manufacturing industry can be used and obtained, has always felt that it is too far away from itself.

Education and training market application

Contemporary education introduces 3D printing to improve students’ literacy;

Maintaining the global organic chemistry integration between the illusory world and the physical line, the introduction of 3D printers into the campus will encourage students to gain training in independent innovation and hands-on abilities, practical activities and work abilities, and turn students’ artistic creativity and imagination into reality, which will greatly develop Trend trainees’ hands-on ability and brainstorming ability to work in order to achieve the transformation of the type of academic qualifications. Haiyuguang provides professional 3D printing model service, welcome to call to discuss.

3D printer classroom teaching is a new attempt for cultural education and public welfare;

Under the background of this technological wave of 3D printing, there are still some differences between the marketing and popularization of 3D printing technology in my country and overseas, so that a large number of people can touch 3D printing technology. An attempt at a new educational method.

3D printing makes learning and training more and more interesting;

When children are in the learning and training, they not only enjoy the process, but also enhance their imagination and increase their cognitive ability for subject research.

  • The sense of three-dimensional space is an astonishing teaching tool, and 3D printing is used to help express cryptic definitions.
  • Application fields of processing and manufacturing industry:
  • Parts printing

For different parts design concepts, 3D printing can be printed out immediately and quickly, taking into account the requirements of different levels, saving time, effort and cost.

Improve productivity

3D printing is conducive to improving the productivity of the production line, because 3D printing is fast and low-cost, and everything can be done immediately in-house.

Reliable mass production

3D printing shows the customer the right to do local, custom-made and mass production. To be precise.

New operating model

With the development trend of 3D printing, it is becoming more and more popular. Once everyone is applying it, the requirements for quality design concept printing will increase.

Application areas of advertising signs:

Decorative design:

Store home 3D printers can make decorations for outdoor or indoor interior decoration, so that the product and store decoration design style are consistent. Haiyuguang provides professional 3D printing model service, welcome to call to discuss.

Publicity planning

Stores use 3D printing to produce 3D physical models with brand image characteristics, carry out publicity planning and correctly guide customers.

Shiny stainless steel words:

Labor-saving services, low cost, many changes, and a strong sense of modernity. Dealing with customized advertising signs is a difficult problem that is more complicated and even difficult to solve with traditional methods.

Construction industry application

  1. The initial physical model 3D printing can maintain all your thoughts, turn your thoughts into actual physical models visible to your eyes, share, discuss, and improve with your customers or your fans to improve customer satisfaction and reduce Rate of dispute cases.
  2. Urban and rural planning shows that the grand blueprint of urban and rural planning is no longer displayed in the form of a plan. 3D printing allows urban and rural planning to be displayed in a three-dimensional manner in a few hours, and all the visionary concepts and core concepts can be truly seen from this.
  3. New real estate sand table model real estate companies no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands to find a company that specializes in making sand table models to display sand table models for their upcoming real estate. 3D printing technology immediately prints new real estate design renderings, saving The whole process of complicated communication, expensive production costs, and too long production cycle time are difficult.

Lighting effect lighting application areas

Humanized mass production method

3D printing technology can easily maintain a personalized product portfolio strategy manufacturing, several products, different large quantities, one-time manufacturing, and additional supply.

Rapid and efficient cost-economic benefits

From design concept to supply, according to the application of 3D printing technology, it can be manufactured in a short time and the manufacturing cost is cheaper.


The custom features of 3D printing can take into account the requirements of customers for humanized products. Haiyuguang provides professional 3D printing model service, welcome to call to discuss.

Toy animation application areas

The overall image design of Japanese animation

Interior designers rely on 3D printers to be able to create design concepts for the scenes and story plots in cartoons, and quickly implement the requirements of the scenes and story plots in the animation, without the need for hand-made, polished, and manufactured. For anime fans, you can also print out the brand image of anime characters immediately.

Toy design & development design

Both interior designers and ordinary people can rely on 3D printers to design and conceive small toys independently, and everyone can design and conceive physical models of their favorite small toys. For small toy manufacturers, the traditional product research and development methods are modernized and upgraded, and 3D printers are used for product research and development, which greatly reduces the product development progress and cost.

Household products application areas:

Simplicity and convenience

No matter how complicated the furniture products are, 3D printers can design and conceive furniture models, allowing customers to choose satisfactory furniture design styles from among them; 3D printers also immediately print out the original shape of the furniture; greatly shorten the design time and increase productivity .

Personalized customization

For some furniture products that are large in volume and not easy to bring, furniture accessory manufacturers have also developed and designed reasonable division and composition system software. They only need to use 3D printing technology to produce fabric sofa legs, fabric sofa car chassis, and fabric sofas. For each part of the components such as racks, customers can independently carry out simple assembly during application, and can even show customers humanized services such as designing and manufacturing furniture products and spare parts. Haiyuguang provides professional 3D printing model service, welcome to call to discuss.

Cultural and creative application fields:

Copy of Antiquities

The application of 3D scanning technology to obtain the 3D model of the copied cultural relics, and then the application of 3D printing to obtain the imitation products, and then casting the copies on the imitation products, which can be produced in large quantities.

Large digital sculptures

The integration of large digital hand-carving and 3D printing technology promotes many unique artistic ideas of art masters to become reality in a short period of time, and promotes the rapid organic chemistry of good design concepts in the brain. Design concepts are no longer just engineering drawings. The physical model of organic chemistry that is conducive to understanding of the pieces.

Artwork design concept

Interior designers no longer need to consider the processing technology problems in the entire process of making the work. The 3D printer maintains all the complicated structures and geometric shapes, which can solve the problem of consistency and simplicity of the work from design concept to production.

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