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How to judge whether the price of 3D printer is suitable for this price?

When buying something, I believe everyone will have a tangled point, whether this product is worth the price, and how to choose it. Buying a 3D printer is no exception. Let’s talk about how to judge whether the price of a 3D printer is suitable for this price.

Usually, if a 3D printer is qualified or unqualified, we will conduct a series of data analysis. The layman will judge the 3D printer molding accuracy through the 3D printer layer height or post-layer parameters. I want to say here that this is very unscientific. The accuracy of the 3D printer is only a parameter. We need to analyze it comprehensively. We need to consider the frame of the 3D printer, the hardness of the shape, the rationality of the leveling of the movement components, the improvement of the motor and the software system, and conduct a comprehensive analysis to judge from multiple dimensions. Is a 3D printer good or not? Is it worth the price?

3D printer motion component standard:

Generally speaking, the 3D printer motion components are related to the quality of the 3D printing effect and whether the motion system is reasonable and accurate. CT-228 education-grade 3D printer, the XY axis assembly adopts industrial-grade linear double-slider guide rail combination, the machine is relatively stable when running, and the gap is relatively small; while the z-axis movement assembly adopts a precision ball screw, which can ensure the stability of the heating platform. In order to improve the accuracy of 3D printing, select high-quality steel plates can be used to maintain the strength of the XY axis platform and cooperate with the precision mechanical motion control system.

3D printer frame structure standard:

The general frame structure refers to the appearance of the 3D printer and the stiffness of the materials used in the internal parts. This greatly affects the accuracy of the operation of the 3D printer. We are using a 3D printer. Check whether the chassis and base are loose. The CT-228 educational 3d printer adopts a complete machine body, which is solid and stable, effectively reducing mechanical jitter.

3D printer stepper motor standard:

We all know that the stepper motor is the power part of feeding and feeding when using 3d printers. During the printing process, the faster the printing speed of the machine, the easier the print head will be offset due to inertia, and the higher the performance requirements of the stepper motor. 

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