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3D printing enables the entire lighting industry to personalize business models

Nowadays, as one of the representative cutting-edge technologies, 3D printing is promoting the traditional manufacturing industry to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and the construction of a new industrial system. With the continuous maturity of technology, various industries have introduced 3D printing technology, and can produce a variety of products with the help of 3D printing. Among them, 3D printed lamps are also favored by more and more consumers.

Consumers’ demand for small-batch, customized products that can demonstrate their unique tastes continues to grow. Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing can better meet actual needs. So, what are the benefits of introducing 3D printing technology in lamp manufacturing?

At present, the use of 3D printing technology for LED research and development mainly involves two aspects: the parts and components of lighting products can be assembled with 3D printing technology; and the lamps designed by designers can be quickly verified by 3D printers.

Advantages of 3D printing lamps:

  • Advantage 1: Unlimited design space (breaking through the traditional design limitations and technological limitations, you can make lights of any shape).
  • Advantage 2: Zero-skill manufacturing (personal can achieve rapid manufacturing, and can complete it at home).
  • Advantage 3: Manufacturing complex items does not increase the cost.
  • Advantage 4: Product diversification does not increase costs.
  • Advantage 5: Infinite combinations of materials and shapes.
  • Advantage 6: Accurate physical reproduction (such as making antiques into lamps).

3D printing technology has greatly changed the business model of the lighting industry, and will have a non-negligible impact on the development of the lighting industry in the future. As the technology continues to mature, the types of products manufactured with the help of 3D printing will become more abundant, and these products will also gain more consumers’ favor with their intelligent functions.

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